Who we are

Businesses have a responsibility to lead the charge to Net-Zero. Over 80% of all emissions require business-level action to decarbonise operations and supply chains. However, the pathway to Net-Zero is not clear; most business leaders do not know how they will get there. We are designed to solve this.

Terrascope is backed by Olam Ventures, built in partnership with BCG Digital Ventures, and supported by Singapore’s Emerging Stronger Taskforce’s (Sustainability Alliance for Action).

Globally headquartered in Singapore, Terrascope leverages the country’s trusted data sharing and green finance infrastructures to provide secure, reliable, and highly resilient systems to help corporates successfully decarbonise.

Solving one of the most complex problems

We fundamentally believe that what companies don't measure, they can’t manage. Driven by our mission to empower companies to build a credible pathway to net-zero, we bring together a diverse group of purpose-driven individuals across technology, data science, strategy and more. We are united by the common mission of building a planet inclusive future.

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

Maya Hari

Chief Product Officer

Jason Gregory

Chief Commercial Officer

Felipe Daguila

Chief Technology Officer

Mathavan Arugalaimuthu

Head of Data Science

Siang Hou Tang

Head of Data Science

Miguel Fernandes

Head of Strategy & Growth

Dennis Chiuten

Head of Engineering

Udaya Kondameedi

People & Talent Lead

Veena Pujari

Operations Manager

Janice Chan Yan Li


We are hiring

We are a passionate, curious and diverse team and love working through complex problems. We believe in the opportunity to unite profit and purpose.

If you are passionate about solving one of the world's biggest challenges, a highly-motivated individual who wants to work in a fast-paced environment and make powerful impact, connect with us today! We seek your understanding that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.