Empowering Large Enterprises: Driving Emission Reduction and Business Value

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The Decarbonisation Imperative for Large Enterprises

As the world strives to reach decarbonisation goals, large enterprises have a crucial role to play. These companies, with extensive value chains, are significant contributors to carbon emissions, with industrial activity being the largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. To reduce their carbon footprint, these enterprises must identify their emission hotspots, establish science-based targets for reducing emissions, and collaborate with supply chain partners to achieve these targets.

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Decarbonising The Built World

Zurich-based Tectus Group, with a global presence in over 30 countries, partnered with Terrascope to understand key emission hotspots in their products and technologies. The Terrascope platform empowered Tectus to make informed decisions that go beyond emission reduction. With precise carbon measurement and an in-depth knowledge of embodied carbon in building materials, Tectus is not only optimising their supply chain for lower emissions, but also redefining their product design and strategy to develop building materials that are lower on emission.


Breaking Down Complex Supply Chains to Help Princes Reduce Scope 3 Emissions

To prepare for sustainability-conscious customers and increasingly stringent regulations in the EU, Princes aimed to estimate the carbon footprint of key products. Terrascope’s machine learning algorithm helped Princes efficiently and accurately estimate product carbon footprints by breaking them down into constituent units. The platform delivered valuable insights into emission hotspots – identifying the top 30 activities responsible for 99% of emissions. With Terrascope's 5x faster ingestion process, Princes made timely data-driven decisions, propelling their decarbonisation journey forward.


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Using Product Carbon Footprint to Improve Pokka’s Procurement Decisions

Terrascope helped Pokka build operational resilience by enabling them to explore and evaluate more sustainable procurement options. The platform provided a comprehensive understanding of Pokka’s emissions across the entire supply chain, including accurately measuring the carbon footprint of imported products for distribution. Despite the absence of actual supplier data, Terrascope calculated emissions with 92% accuracy. Its algorithm also delivered 5x faster measurements than manual processes, estimating emissions for 5000 SKUs in under 100 minutes.

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PropertyGuru Leverages Terrascope for Emission Measurement and Reduction

PropertyGuru Group is Southeast Asia’s leading PropTech company, and the preferred destination for over 37 million property seekers every month to find their dream home. PropertyGuru onboarded Terrascope to get a granular understanding of their carbon emissions and identify hotspots in their value chain for effective decarbonisation initiatives. The Terrascope platform was able to help PropertyGuru easily view its emissions by assimilating data into manageable segments. Terrascope also enabled simulations for PropertyGuru to evaluate the impact of any changes.



Providing Scalable Emission Measurement Solutions for Mitsubishi Corporation Agri Alliance

The Terrascope platform enabled Mitsubishi Corporation Agri Alliance to pinpoint emission hotspots and build a comprehensive baseline for Scope 3 emissions. This helped MC Agri Alliance future-proof their supply chain by identifying and reevaluating parts of the supply chain that needed optimisation with respect to emissions. One of the suggested procurement and processing options offered a potential 25% reduction of Scope 3 emissions, along with a potential reduction in supply chain costs.

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David McDiarmid

Corporate Relations Director of Princes

"We certainly appreciate the speed, expertise and comprehensive nature of Terrascope as we embark on our first steps in measuring scope 3 carbon footprint. Terrascope translates our Emissions into reporting in a friendly way and across business sectors, allowing the data to be used beyond our sustainability team. It is particularly important that we could understand the confidence of the data and take actions to improve."


Sunny Verghese

Co-founder and Group CEO of Olam

"When we piloted this new measurement system at Olam. It showed that our measurement baseline was off by around 35%. Only by understanding where we stand on the quality and granularity of our data, and by improving confidence in our measurement, will we be able to build a pathway to meet our 1.5°C targets."


Masayoshi Urano

CEO, MC Agri Alliance

"The Terrascope Platform not only provided us with a comprehensive analysis of our indirect emission hotspots, but their team of sustainability experts also partnered with us to explore strategies for reducing Emissions and ensuring our supply chain is prepared for the future."


Rex Macaskill

Group CEO of Pokka

"The Terrascope platform has been invaluable in helping us understand our unit carbon Emissions and identifying opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint. The insights provided by Terrascope have helped us build towards a more resilient supply chain that is better prepared for the future"