Barbeques Galore: Cooking up deep changes in retail through emissions transparency

Collaborating with Terrascope revealed opportunities to reduce emissions hotspots by at least 10% through changes in product mix & consumer marketing strategies

>> Key Result 1

Comprehensive Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions measurement and hotspot analytics, enabling strategic climate planning

>> Key Result 2

Clear understanding of emissions intensity related to consumer use of best-selling products

>> Product Implemented:

Emissions measurement

>> Industry:


>> Headquarters:

Sydney, Australia

>> Company Size:

500 - 1000


About Barbeques Galore


Barbeques Galore is Australia's leading retailer of BBQ’s and backyard lifestyle products, including grills, smokers, accessories, outdoor furniture, heating and more. With 90 stores throughout the country and a team of passionate BBQ experts, Barbeques Galore is the destination for Australians who want to BBQ better.

Driven by a vision to pioneer sustainability within their retail category, Barbeques Galore are taking proactive steps to address forthcoming mandatory climate disclosures in Australia. Despite the regulations not applying to them for years, the company’s leadership is determined to stay ahead of the curve. Their immediate focus is on familiarising themselves with investor-grade, audit-ready reporting and developing a robust sustainability strategy. This proactive approach not only aligns with their goal of working towards emissions reduction but also positions them to comply with mandatory climate-related disclosures well in advance.


Recognising the imperative of establishing a comprehensive and accurate baseline for their Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, Barbeques Galore partnered with Terrascope. They sought a solution that goes beyond annual sustainability snapshots, to provide dynamic and actionable insights into emission trends and reduction opportunities at both company and product levels.


The Challenge

As a leading Australian retailer specialising in barbeques and outdoor furniture, Barbeques Galore aims to lead sustainability efforts in their retail sector while preparing for future climate disclosures. The company has recently undertaken several emissions reduction initiatives, including reducing expanded polystyrene in their packaging and transitioning stores to LED lighting. However, they lacked a reliable and scalable solution to map their Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions comprehensively – hindering their ability to fully understand the challenges and opportunities that laid ahead.


The Terrascope Solution


Using Terrascope, Barbeques Galore discovered that indirect Scope 3 emissions along their value chain constitute 99% of their footprint – a common challenge for retailers worldwide.

Upon further examination of their Scope 3 emissions, Barbeques Galore identified purchased goods and services and sold product usage as the primary contributors to their emissions footprint. This highlighted the importance of prioritising both supplier and consumer engagement in their climate strategy.

In collaboration with Terrascope’s team of experts, Barbeques Galore investigated emissions associated with the use of products they sell, uncovering valuable insights into different barbeques and fuel types. For instance, pellet barbecue sets emit an average of 0.058 kg CO2e per use – or 96% less compared to gas barbeque models, which contribute the most emissions. Meanwhile, electric barbecues showed potential for carbon neutrality, depending on the grid they connect to.

Such insights provide Barbeques Galore with a unique opportunity to educate customers about the emissions linked to various barbecue models and practices – fostering a culture of environmental responsibility among their customer base and driving meaningful change in their emissions footprint and the wider industry.



Barbeques Galore also relied on Terrascope to uncover impactful reduction strategies. Through simulations, they identified a number of opportunities to reduce emissions through improvements to product efficiency and transition to alternative fuel sources. Of note, a 10% transition of gas barbecues sales across to pellet grills operating on renewable or sustainably sourced fuel, could reduce emissions associated with usage by 10%.



In another area, Barbeques Galore have been able to quantify the impact of initiatives already underway to eliminate polystyrene and single use plastics from packaging materials. Terrascope’s insights highlighted the potential for reducing packaging emissions by 16% to 61% through the reduction or substitution of styrofoam with recycled alternatives.


Value Creation with Terrascope


Reducing reputational risks & enabling sustainable leadership

Barbeques Galores’ collaboration with Terrascope is arming them with the essential tools to fulfill their long-term goal of becoming a sustainability leader in their retail category. By leveraging Terrascope insights, the company is crafting a data-driven climate strategy, enabling them to anticipate regulatory mandates and address environmental concerns proactively.


Optimising decarbonisation investments

For Barbeques Galore, sustainability isn't just a buzzword — it's a measurable commitment to reducing their environmental impact and fostering positive change.

Previously unaware of the magnitude and composition of their emissions footprint, Barbeques Galore now have credible, granular data into all emissions scopes, hotspots and drivers, conveniently accessible to leadership and strategic teams through a single platform. They understand where to focus their efforts, the various reduction strategies available, and how these strategies will contribute to meaningful decarbonisation across their entire value chain.

Through their partnership with Terrascope, they've also gained the ability to quantify the impact of their sustainability initiatives with precision and transparency. While evaluating the environmental impact of their packaging, Barbeques Galore uncovered an opportunity to reduce packaging emissions by as much as 61% if they replace styrofoam with recycled cardboard.


Building new revenue streams

Collaborating with Terrascope, Barbeques Galore realised their sustainability initiatives couldn’t solely focus on their operations. To significantly reduce their emissions footprint, they understood they needed to change how they market and sell barbecue sets to their customers.

By gaining insights into emissions associated with the use of various barbecue models and fuel types, Barbeques Galore aim to revamp their product and marketing mixes. Their objective is clear: to make sustainability an effortless choice for customers, even as they enjoy their barbecue experiences – and ultimately diversify and expand their revenue streams.

The best part? They can back all their decisions and claims with trustworthy emissions data, ensuring transparency and credibility every step of the way


Operational efficiency

As sustainability reporting grows increasingly complex, Barbeques Galore are using the Terrascope platform to streamline their emissions measurement and reporting procedures for upcoming cycles. This not only ensures compliance but also fosters long-term operational efficiency.

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