End-to-end Decarbonisation

By combining data science, machine learning, and sustainability expertise, Terrascope provides the data, analytics and digital tools to help large companies to decarbonise their business operations and supply chains.

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Decarbonise with Ease and Confidence

Explore how Terrascope can transform your company's approach to emission insights and management throughout your entire value chain.

Hear from Nikita Asthana, Global Head of Sustainability Finance at Olam Agri, as she discusses how her company leverages Terrascope to seamlessly integrate emissions reduction into their ESG and financial strategies.


Manage Data

Leverage sector specific data templates or submit data in your own formats, and the Terrascope platform will autonomously ingest and process the information, build data profiles, and fill in the missing pieces.



Data Processing

Adeptly handle the complexity of data coming in from multiple sources in a variety of formats. Terrascope deploys advanced data processing methodologies to assimilate data from across internal and supplier platforms, achieving 5x faster processing speed compared to manual methods.


Data Profiling

Assess the validity of the data used for emissions calculations. The Terrascope platform highlights gaps in data quality, comprehensiveness, and granularity, allowing you to gauge the accuracy of measurement and decide where to focus data collection efforts for material impact.


Carbon Driver Tree

Leverage AI-powered emissions modelling to plug upstream or downstream data gaps in your emissions footprint. The Terrascope platform generates granular emissions data, providing clear visualisations of underlying drivers, boundaries and categorisations (e.g. FLAG vs non-FLAG). Our expert workflows enable you to tailor a Carbon Driver Tree that aligns with your business or supplier-specific processes.

Measure Emissions

Gain a comprehensive and granular understanding of your emissions footprint, analyse hotspots and drill down into emissions drivers, and pinpoint where to focus supplier engagement and data gathering efforts.



Establish Baseline

Build a comprehensive understanding of Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions across your enterprise’s value chain. Terrascope’s proprietary data confidence methodology provides greater certainty and credibility to your emissions measurement and disclosures.


Analyse Hotspots

Understand emissions within your enterprise’s value chain. Leverage the Terrascope platform to identify emissions hotspots by countries, business units, factories, or processes, and pinpoint hotspots with the highest emission contributions for the most impactful decarbonisation actions.


Supplier Engagement

Improve the effectiveness of supplier data gathering efforts with the Carbon Driver Tree. Terrascope creates a guided visual workflow for suppliers to more seamlessly submit the right data, in the right format, and at the same time gain insight into how the data will be used.

Plan Reductions

Unlock the power of foresight with Terrascope's dynamic 'what-if' simulations. Explore and compare the impact of specific actions on your value chain, emissions targets, and net zero climate strategy.



Simulate Reductions

Build and evaluate ‘what-if’ scenarios, enriched with financial, feasibility and benchmarking data. If you’re unsure where to begin, Terrascope provides AI-generated decarbonisation recommendations tailored to your sector and organisational priorities. Uncover opportunities for impactful reductions, along with areas for further investigation.


Set Reference Targets

Embrace future-forward analytics to establish targets aligned with SBTi guidance on reductions, and layer in real-world data to model potential climate risks. Terrascope goes beyond the platform by offering collaboration opportunities with our Sustainability Experts and Carbon Data Analysts who are ready to provide guidance to your teams.


Build Action Plan

Consolidate the most relevant and impactful ‘what-if’ simulations from the Terrascope Platform into a Climate Scenario that will lead your enterprise towards net zero. With Terrascope’s assistance, set up initiatives with clear owners and intermediate milestones, translating your goals into action plans.


Monitor progress of reduction efforts against long term and intermediate targets, enhance collaboration with shared dashboard views, and simplify reporting through seamless integrations.



Track Progress

Monitor emission reduction efforts, and evaluate progress towards achieving net zero targets across your value chain. Discover the power of Terrascope’s unique Activity Lineage feature, which identifies the factors driving year-on-year changes in emissions measurements, uncovering any inconsistencies in approach, data coverage, data granularity or EFs used.



Collaborate seamlessly on sustainability and decarbonisation initiatives, both internally and externally. Use the Terrascope platform to provide teams working on the ground with emissions data dashboards relevant to their work, unlocking collaboration within your organisation and with external partners to support data gathering, reduction initiatives, and progress tracking.


Report and Disclose

Effortlessly report and disclose emission reduction progress to external stakeholders. The Terrascope platform enables you to export reports in your desired formats, and seamlessly integrates with various reporting platforms through API integrations.

Independent Assurance of the Terrascope Platform

Ernst & Young LLP has provided limited assurance over the GHG Accounting Methodology used for the Terrascope Platform, against the Principles of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard for greenhouse gas inventories and the Principles of ISO 14064-1: 2018 / SS ISO 14064-1: 2021 – Greenhouse gases – Part 1: Specification with guidance at the organization level for quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals on 29 September 2023.


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