Terrascope Joins The Climate Pledge and Commits to Net-zero Carbon Emissions by 2040

The Singapore-headquartered global climate tech venture aims to lead by example and is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to scale enterprise decarbonisation.


Singapore, 4 May 2023: Climate tech venture Terrascope announced today that it has signed The Climate Pledge co-founded by Amazon with Global Optimism, cementing its commitment to reduce its carbon emissions to net-zero carbon by 2040. The Terrascope platform was launched publicly in 2022 with a mission to empower enterprises to decarbonise their business operations and supply chains. In collaboration with AWS, the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, Terrascope is also scaling its carbon measurement and management Software as a Service (SaaS) offering to enterprises worldwide. By signing The Climate Pledge, Terrascope aims to lead by example and demonstrate that business growth and carbon reduction can go hand in hand.

Since launching in 2022, Terrascope has been measuring its carbon footprint and has identified a number of material emissions hotspots that require focused action. The company is already implementing a variety of initiatives to reduce emissions and align business activities with its sustainability goals, including:

  • Renting 90% of its IT equipment from circular economy providers to reduce e-waste, extend the lifespan of IT equipment, and ensure proper disposal of devices that can no longer be used or refurbished.
  • Following company travel policies to emphasise essential business travel only, and favor remote work and lower-carbon travel options.
  • Migrating its SaaS capabilities to AWS’s energy efficient cloud infrastructure that includes sustainability enablers such as higher utilisation of servers, uninterrupted power supply initiatives, and the use of renewable energy for a reduced carbon footprint.


To fulfill its net zero commitment, Terrascope will use its own carbon measurement and management SaaS platform to conduct a rigorous carbon baselining and target-setting process. Leveraging its own SaaS decarbonisation capabilities, Terrascope will identify key areas of impact within its material Scope 3 emissions – the indirect supply chain emissions that often make up the majority of a company’s carbon footprint – and prioritise the most impactful reduction efforts.

On Terrascope’s decision to join the Climate Pledge, Lia Nicholson, Terrascope Head of Sustainability, stated: “As a software company, we are focused on helping other companies make swift, credible progress in their decarbonisation and net zero journey. But this pledge is focused on us. While the world needs to reach net zero by 2050 to limit global warming to 1.5°C, those of us who strive to move faster and go further must do so. That’s why Terrascope is announcing an ambitious goal to reach net-zero carbon by 2040 – a decade ahead of the global goal.”

Maya Hari, Terrascope CEO, added: “Tackling climate change is a core part of who we are. By committing to The Climate Pledge early in our own journey, we are pushing the bar on ambition, taking responsibility for our own growth, and building decarbonisation into our company DNA. We are proud to work with a cloud service provider such as AWS that is equally committed to sustainable operations, to help us innovate securely and at scale to develop decarbonisation solutions for our enterprise customers worldwide.”

Conor McNamara, Managing Director, ASEAN, AWS, said: “It is encouraging to see Terrascope join The Climate Pledge and immediately incorporate real business changes that will have a lasting impact on our planet. At Amazon, we are committed to innovating and investing in a more sustainable future, and are on path to powering our global operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025. We are thrilled to collaborate with a climate tech SaaS platform such as Terrascope who share our sustainability goals. With the differentiating breadth and depth of AWS, we are proud to support Terrascope in boosting innovation for their business, power their enterprise-grade decarbonisation solutions for their global customers, and help the company achieve its own decarbonisation goals with cloud technology.”

Terrascope’s commitment to The Climate Pledge marks a critical sustainability milestone in its rapid growth trajectory and journey to establish itself as a leading global climate tech provider. The company recently announced the formation of its Sustainability Advisory Council, and has ambitious plans to further expand and strengthen its SaaS decarbonisation offering to new markets, including the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.


About Terrascope

Terrascope is an enterprise grade, end-to-end decarbonisation SaaS platform. By combining data science, machine learning and sustainability expertise, Terrascope offers a suite of data, analytics and digital tools to enable large companies to decarbonise their business operations and supply chains – holistically tackling Scope 1, Scope 2 and especially, Scope 3 emissions.

Publicly launched in June 2022, Terrascope works with customers in a variety of sectors, from agriculture, food & beverages, manufacturing and luxury, to transportation, real estate and the public sector. Headquartered in Singapore, Terrascope’s global presence includes teams across five countries.


About The Climate Pledge

In 2019, Amazon and Global Optimism co-founded The Climate Pledge, a commitment to reach the Paris Agreement 10 years early and be net-zero carbon by 2040. 400 organizations have now signed The Climate Pledge, sending an important signal that there will be rapid growth in demand for products and services that help reduce carbon emissions. For more information visit www.theclimatepledge.com.

For media enquiries, please contact: Manola De Vos Communications Manager manola.devos@terrascope.com

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